Cater for All (C4A) is a youth owned, managed, and run organization that was started in 2015 for the purposes of empowering the youth into being the leaders and pioneers of growth in South Africa and the continent at large. C4A was originally a social media platform advocating for the rights of the LGBTQI+ community within the Youth. Now formally registered as a non-profit company in South Africa, C4A has really transformed to live up to the name – cater for all; the organization is now broadened to focus on issues facing the Key Population LGBTQI+ community. The main aims are to have innovative holistic and directed interventions to aid communities in making South Africa a better place for current and future generations of the LGBTQI+ community.


To promote safety, acceptance, and equality of the LGBTQI+ community in society.


Communities free from discrimination against gender identity, expression, and sexual orientation.


Equality – Creating an environment where everyone enjoys the same universal rights

Learning – Facilitating growth of a just and inclusive society through continuous learning

Celebration – Celebrating the cultural landscape and history of our community.

Respect – Cultivating a province that embraces diversity with respect and dignity

Collaboration – Engaging the community and seeking opportunities for mutual benefit.