Upcoming Events

The next big thing for Cater For All NPC is the #ThinkPositive Youth Campaign which we plan to inaugurate in the Buffalo City Metropolitan in the foreseeable future:

The #ThinkPostive Youth Campaign is a nationwide initiative that aims to only speed up the goal to an HIV free generation in line with the 90:90:90 goals of the NSP but to also combat TB, STIs, employment and the generally related ripple effects that affect the key population youth.

The #ThinkPositive campaign will be in the form of a music festival, flea market setup with stands of partner organisations that provide education, health and lifestyle with entertainment provided by local and international acts. The campaign will take place in a stadium setting with the first show taking place at the BCMM.

#ThinkPositive HEALTH aims to discuss education (prevention, knowledge sharing and discussions), testing, medical advice/services, and treatment, linkage to care, and any other relevant health / public health issues that affect the youth.

#ThinkPositive EDUCATION will include combating further education (different types of higher learning, fee structures & funding opportunities), employment (sessions for internships, learnerships & head hunting), entrepreneurship scale-up, training opportunities and networking sessions.

#ThinkPositive LIFESTYLE will focus on education about the nurturing of talent (music, art etc.) and using relevant & socially acceptable ways to gather, engage and relate with each other. This will be where all the arts and crafts folk will engage together and learn from one another.

The #ThinkPositive event is based on research linking music events with outreach events, and combining these concepts to form a mega event that will help solve many issues facing the youth. It is one where advocacy will meet entertainment.

We would love to have as much youth involvement and participation as possible. You too can be part of this campaign in whatever capacity and those who are interested should please send us an email. #ThinkPositive