Past Events

bumb’Ingomso Training of Trainers – May 2019

Also as part of our facilitation is training young trainers on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity/Expression (SOGIE) and we had the honor of doing this for one of the great NGOs called bumb’Ingomso. The training included a presentation of everything SOGIE accompanied by a video and an exercise on what they understood.

These trainings and facilitations will be a major fundraising effort for the organisation and we are hoping to approach more companies to diversify their workforce in terms of LGBTI issues.

King Williams Town LGBTI Dialogue – February 2019

On the 28th of February we gathered at the Shornville community hall for the dialogue at 10AM. I facilitated what was to be a conversation of understanding and misunderstanding. We conversed about actions society takes against people of the LGBTI community, we spoke about how people in positions of power cannot separate their beliefs from peoples constitutional rights. We spoke about how various departments could assist us in the handling of LGBTI issues, how police captains need to sensitize their workers so that a trans woman or feminine man can report issues without prejudice. We spoke about how Health Care Workers need to adhere to their oath and treat every patient the same and not based on sexual orientation or gender identity. It was a conversation and it was a respectful one where everyone was respectful

*Full Report available on request


Inxeba (The Wound) is a story about a young man who is a caregiver at an initiation school in the Eastern Cape. For many years he has been having a sexual relationship with another caregiver who happens to have a wife and kids, they have known each other since school. Enter a gay initiate who sees right through him and a story of deceit, fear and acceptance unravels.

The movie has received praise all around except for one place, among the Xhosa community. The kingdom and its affiliates feel that the movie is too descriptive of the sacred Xhosa rite of passage into manhood, initiation. There have been protests and heated debates on public forums and media forums. Everyone who is speaking out seems to not want the movie out and they all refuse to see it.

When we at Cater For All (CFA) heard this we decided to go all vocal on social media, this caught the attention of one of the producers of the movie, Cait, who immediately got into contact. After ironing out all the details, it was agreed that we would arrange a screening and a dialogue session so that everyone who had something to say could say it in a forum where everyone had seen the movie. Invites were sent out and the relevant people (the spokespeople of those who were vocal) were also invited.

*Full report available on request


In celebration of the 8th Annual Chevrolet Feather Awards, the Chevrolet Feather Awards in collaboration with the Thami Dish Foundation undertook Road Trips to 8 provinces in South Africa to host dialogues to discuss, inform, educate and celebrate LGBTI rights, needs and interests in South Africa.

The Feather Awards together with the Thami Dish Foundation operated the Road trips with the support and participation of multiple partners to assist with ensuring that the dialogues reach and benefit a broad range of provincial communities as possible. They also wanted to provide support and show their solidarity with LGBTI organizations within each region visited.  They also wanted to ensure that each dialogue was relevant to each region.

Cater For All (CFA) NPC was thus invited to be part of the Eastern Cape Feather Awards Dialogue. CFA helped with identifying and securing a venue for the dialogue, mobilizing the audience for the dialogue, identifying the struggles and issues of the LGBTI around our community and province and assisting with the catering and logistics for the event.

*Full report available on request