Cater For All (CFA) NPC was conceived in December 2015 and started as an online platform on social media Twitter with the account @CurateLGBTQI. In June 2016 CFA was born and the initiative was running on every online platform with a website (www.caterforall.org.za), a Facebook page (Cater For All) and a Twitter page (@caterforall). With this presence we were able to introduce ourselves to stakeholders around the area to alert them as to the services we provide to the Key Population LGBTI community in the area. In April 2017, CFA was officially registered as a non-profit.

CFA is marketed as a Key Population initiative with focus on LGBTI issues, this is because we understand that the community forms a big part of key population because people who inject drugs, men who have sex with men, transgender persons, sex workers and prisoners can also be part of the LGBTI so we do not discriminate and thus cater for all.

CFA operates from Mdantsane in East London and serves the Buffalo City Metro Municipality with hopes of growing and serving the whole of the Eastern Cape, although our online reach does not limit us, and we help whenever an issue affects key population LGBTI person anywhere in South Arica.

The organisation is currently being run by a Managing Director on a volunteer basis with the support of 5 unpaid board members. We hope to have volunteers who can assist in the future as our strategic plan is calling for more people to play a role, and when we can secure funding for running costs, we will implement them in.

There is a huge need for this type of organisation in the area that it is based as it is a predominantly black and predominantly Christian and predominantly cultural and all these are detrimental to the key population LGBTI community:

  • We are often told that anything sexual beyond “the norm” and gender dysphoria are Western and not African. As thus many injustices happen to the key population LGBTI community as can be seen with the large amounts of hate crimes against LGBTI and corrective rapes. CFA thus strives for safety and inclusion as well as sensitization of community members with regards to LGBTI.
  • Health is also a major issue for key population LGBTI as accessing services proves to be hard for the community because of stigma. CFA aims to encourage the visitation of health care facilities by being visible in those spaces and sensitizing health care workers. Doing this will further help with the 90:90:90 strategy target.

There is a growing need for organisations such as this in the Eastern Cape, but members are discouraged because there is not much funding for initiatives such as this in our poor province. Our services are aimed at the key population LGBTI Youth demographic, but because of the stigma and fear associated with being LGBTI, that does not mean we do not cater for those who are not youth.

Do check out our Past Events and Donations Page and do reach out via email if you have any queries or would like further details of what we have done.


Communities free from the injustices targeted towards the Key Population LGBTI community


We exist to promote dialogue and sensitization around issues that affect the Key Population LGBTI community


Teamwork – Work together to maximise the effect we have on the communities

Partnerships – Different CSOs have a wider reach thus we must all get together

Honesty – The communities need to trust in the information we provide

Communication – Very vital because language use on issues is sensitive

Accountability – We must be able to report on progress made

Ethical – Funders, Donors and Communities must trust that we do what we stand for

Celebration – Celebrate the cultural landscape and history of our community

Equality – Create an environment where everyone enjoys the same universal rights

Learning – Facilitate the growth of an inclusive society through continuous learning.

Respect – Cultivate a province that embraces diversity with respect and dignity.