Looking forward to a fruitful 2018

2017 was an amazing year for Cater For All (CFA) NPC. Although we are turning 2 years old in June 2018, official registration as a Non Profit was effective in April 2017.

2017 was a year of many highlights for CFA, in May our volunteer Managing Director was invited to be part of the Inaugural Breaking Down Borders Africa Youth Summit in Sandton, Johannesburg. The week long event comprised of a 3 day Jhb experience and learning and a 2 day Summit, it was attended by 60 core delegates from 15 African Countries. It was a great week to interact and share experiences with other leaders from the continent and he was part of a panel on the last day of the summit speaking on LGBTQIAP+ issues not only in our country but in the continent as a whole. It was an amazing week that yielded so much value.

In August 2017 we got together with the producer from Urucu Media to begin talks on hosting a screening and dialogue session of the Oscar Nominated, critically acclaimed, International Award winning movie; Inxeba (The Wound). This was such an exciting venture for us to be a part of as the movies storyline centres on one of the issues we deal with at CFA, one where sexuality meets culture. Of cos, because of its somewhat controversial storyline (to gatekeepers, that is), there were many hurdles we needed to cross and many walls we needed to go around. Venues were suddenly unavailable last minute, sponsorships affiliated with factions calling for the banning of the movie pulling out, media giving us the run around, even the office of the Mayor gave us flack (a story for another day) but still we soldiered on. Finally the screening was held on the 9th of September to an eager audience and a heated but fruitful dialogue was had after.

In the same month our volunteer MD had to jet off to the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) Regional Leadership Centre (RLC) in Midrand where he was invited to be part of the Civic Leadership track to strengthen not only his skills but how to successfully run a non-profit. The four week course was held at the Unisa School for Business Leadership in Midrand, Johannesburg and each and every single session held, from Gender and Sexuality to Grant Proposal writing to M&E Framework just to name a few strengthened the young civic leaders ability to further strengthen the civil society organisations they are part of. This truly was an experience that helped propel CFA in everything going into 2018.

Just a week after coming back in October we were invited to facilitate a screening and dialogue session of the Oscar Nominated Inxeba to the community of Grahamstown. The mood was set and the dialogue was heated. Culture clashed with sexuality once again but as passionate as everyone was, respect was observed throughout.

Those were our 2017 major highlights but I should also note that throughout the year we were also part of governmental and civil society engagements and stakeholders (SWEAT, CGE, Pointt, S.H.E to name a few) meetings were held throughout so to keep up with each other in this region.

2018 is going to be a bigger and better year as should be. Today we just finalized our CFA Strategic Plan for Jan – Dec 2018. We have a major stadium event, 2 street events and countless dialogue events just to give you a taste. We appreciate all your support and call for your continued support going forward. Our Donations page is always open for you to open your hearts to this plight for equality for the Key Population LGBTQIAP+ folk.

Thank you and have a Happy New Year.

Cater For All Team