What a Year!!!

2016 will truly go down as one of those years that everyone was over with. For me personally it has been a year of a few ups and many, many downs. There were times that I thought I wouldn’t make it but I persevered and pushed through. You know when for every step forward you take five back? Well that is how my 2016 went and despite all of that, I am still standing and grateful for the year that birthed Cater For All.

This initiative has been such a huge and special part of my life that I cannot think of a time when I did not want to help. I hope and pray that it grows bigger and better in 2017 and that we can be involved in more dialogues, more counseling, and give more helping hands.

I would like to thank Tshepo for being such an amazing help through all of my endeavors this year, I could not have done it without him. Thank you to ISA GRAPHICS for the amazing website. Thanks to everyone who donated whether it be a ticket for an event or donation towards an event, thank you. Thank you to all those who share, ReTweet, like and follow Cater For All.

Thank you all and let us make 2017 greater. Let queer voices be heard, and let us be seen.

Have yourselves all a wonderful festive season and the happiest of New Years.

Cater For All